October 2015

Friday Favorite – Smoothies :)

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Smoothies are a favorite in my house. I love smoothies myself, but my kids also LOVE them! It is a great way to sneak in additional veggies, and they have so much fun eating/drinking something that helped create. Here was our smoothie we made today!

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The Creamsicle

1 cup vanilla almond milk

10 oz vanilla greek yogurt

1 cup sliced mango

1 peeled quartered orange

1 cup ice

1 scoop vanilla vega protein

Blended in my favorite nutribullet 🙂  ENJOY!!!

photo 2 photo 3

You can make a smoothie with any combination of ingredients. We really play with these and very rarely make the same smoothie!

photo 2


Do you have any FAVORITE smoothie recipes to share for inspiration?!?!


TASTY TUESDAY – Pumpkin Gold


Pumpkin Seeds

With Halloween this Saturday, I thought talking about pumpkin seeds and all their health benefits was almost perfect! We carved our pumpkins on Sunday night, and we always save the seeds. I rinsed them and left them to dry overnight. This is not necessary; however, I simply did not have the energy to cook them Sunday night 😉


Monday, I mixed about a Tbsp of coconut oil into my seeds, spread them on a baking sheet and sprinkled them with sea salt. I chose just a classic salt roast because my 5 year old wanted to eat them, and he can be picky. I baked mine for 17 min at 400 degrees, and they came out just perfect! If you like some spice, spice up those seeds. You can find all kinds of pumpkin seed recipes on pinterest.

1Y7B4504 1Y7B4519

I LOVE pumpkin seeds. I actually buy them year round in the bulk food isle at my local HEB. They are perfect to snack on, sprinkle on a salad or add to other recipes.

Pumpkin seeds also offer a large variety of health benefits. They are a powerful antioxidant and source of essential minerals. The seeds are high in fiber, have been associated with cancer prevention and have also been shown to help with insulin regulation. They are also valued for both their anti-microbial and anti-viral benefits. These little seeds are nutritional powerhouses, so eat them up ~ YEAR ROUND 🙂

1Y7B4522 1Y7B4521

My little helpers! Too bad my flash did not fire :( At least the rare moment of them BOTH looking at the camera was somewhat salvageable :)
My little helpers! Too bad my flash did not fire 😦 At least the rare moment of them BOTH looking at the camera was somewhat salvageable 🙂

Motivation Monday- Whitney Garay 

Happy Monday Mommas! Today is our first guest writer for MOTIVATON MONDAY!  We are so thankful to Whitney for her honesty and sharing her journey! Just wanted to remind you that if you want to write a post feel free to message us on Facebook HERE We want to share different stories to help motivate Mommas of all types and goals. We hope that you all enjoy hearing from a variety of guest writers each week. They will all share their stories, why health is important to them and how they benefit from living a healthy lifestyle 🙂 We do not endorse or profit from any product or programs that our guest writers may have used along their journeys. If anything is mentioned it is for informational purposes only as they share their stories 🙂 If you would like anymore info about anything listed in these posts feel free to ask us HERE


FIT MOMIf you would have asked me my WHY I want to be FIT 2 years ago it would have been a very typical fitness professional WHY. Something like… “I exhibit a passion for sports, fitness, and competition. I thrive on learning how the body works and using that knowledge to help others achieve their goals and live an active and healthy lifestyle. I was a college athlete. I received a masters in exercise phys. Ive worked as a personal trainer and group fit instructor for over 8 years. I LIVE, BREATH, LOVE fitness and want to share that with the world.” (hum.. this is actually taken from one of my personal training bio’s a few years back- ha!)

Fast fwd to NOW. Now I have a new journey and its changed my WHY up ( in 2 ways)

 First WHY-Now I’m a MOTHER! I became a mom on May 27, 2014. I delivered a precious 9.11 lb baby boy Kasen. He is absolutely the most perfect thing Ive ever created. Although I could not be more in love with him…I quickly fell out of love with my former “fit” body. I got lazy being a mom and forgot what it was like to put some focus on myself. I forgot my previous WHY!

 I decided enough was enough…no more mommy excuses! No more binge watching Netflix or baby Einstein and eating my post partum way through oreos (which happen to be the devil when breastfeeding cravings strike!)

When released to exercise I started doing BEACHBODY workouts! Im still working on my transformation story… Im doing a mix of Insanity Max 30 and 21 day fix exercises and Ive changed my nutrition to align with Beach Body’s recommendations. Focusing mainly on portion control and quality whole foods. GUESS WHAT- ITS WORKING!! I was thrilled that I felt ALIVE again. I loved that I was doing something good for myself again. And nothing is better than working out while my little man watches… soaks it all in… (hopefully) will understand one day that I choose to be FIT and HEALTHY for HIM! I have so many new mommy friends that felt the same way- I just had to spread this incredible feeling with them! That’s 1 reason I became a coach and continue to get daily, quick exercises in!

Being healthy and fit is what keeps me going. Not only do I want to set a good example of a happy, healthy and fulfilled life for my little one but also for MYSELF and OTHERS. Clean eating, Shakeology, home fitness programs and running have helped me to stay healthy and fit throughout my pregnancy and get my body back. I want to share the amazing benefits I’ve experienced with others. 


The Stretch That Saved My Back ;)


Today I would like to share my favorite stretch! A lot of you will already know this but for those of you who don’t, you will want to give me a giant hug for telling you about this amazing little stretch! After my first son was born I had AWFUL neck and shoulder pain. I just assumed it was from breastfeeding all the time, the weight of these milk filled breasts and my poor posture while feeding. Some Mom’s rock the breastfeeding posture, but I did not; I was slumped over with my shoulders forward.

I then started running a lot while I was training for a triathlon. I noticed my hands would tingle, almost like they were falling asleep. It was so annoying, and I probably looked like a goof running with my hands in the air.

I was becoming really uncomfortable, so I went to a sports massage therapist who informed me that my pectoralis major was so tight that it was pulling my shoulders forward. Between the breastfeeding, poor posture, numb fingers while running, weird nerve sensations in my hands and wrists and my constant neck and shoulder pain, I was at wits end. I thought this is just what I was going to feel like as a new Mother. I saw a chiropractor as well, but I did not get a whole lot of relief.

The massage therapist shared this incredibly simple stretch to do daily, and I was CURED! I kid you not, after a week of doing this twice a day I was neck and shoulder pain free. My posture gradually improved and running became more enjoyable without the constant tingling and stabbing sensations in my hands.


It had such an impact on the way I felt that I continue to do this stretch almost daily 3 years later. I also do it before and after every workout.

My AMAZING Pec Stretch J I hold each side for 30 – 45 seconds. Give it a try!

WORK IT WEDNESDAY – 2 week squat challenge

WORK IT WEDNESDAY. Here’s our first 2 week challenge. We’re starting it off with a squat challenge!! WHO IS UP FOR THE CHALLENGE?? Tag a friend on Facebook who you want to join you in the #MOMBOD 2 week squat challenge. 

Tasty Tuesday –  Pumpkin Pie (Dairy Free, Gluten Free, and no refined sugar)

It’s that time of year again. The most wonderful time of the year, so many holidays, and so many treats. It’s wonderful but not so wonderful for the waistline. I have a huge sweet tooth, so for me to swear off all treats during the holidays is just not even an option. If you are self controlled enough to say no to every pie and dessert YOU ARE AMAZING. But for those of us who can’t I thought I’d share my “a little bit healthier” pumpkin pie recipe.

I am dairy and gluten intolerant, therefore,  this recipe is gluten free and dairy free. Another easy modification that helps make the pie a little healthier is to use coconut sugar instead of refined sugar. Coconut sugar has a lower glycemic index as well as providing more nutrients than refined sugar.

What you’ll need.

 Gluten free pie crust. You can totally make your own from scratch. But y’all understand momlife and how that’s not always possible. So I went with this one from our local store.

A 15 ounce can of pumpkin. This is actually a 29 ounce can because I was making two pies.

A 12 ounce can of coconut cream. Most recipes call for evaporated milk but here’s a secret; coconut cream works as a great substitution.

Coconut palm sugar. Harper is very sad I took the sugar from her. Haha.

Pumpkin pie spice. Easy peasy. I didn’t have all of the separate spices so I just bought pumpkin pie spice.

2 eggs. Which I tried to let the girls crack into the bowl but they both just squeezed the eggs so shell and all went into the bowl. Haha. So I was digging out egg shell pieces for a while.


So here ya go…

  • Follow instructions for pre-baking crust
  • Preheat oven to 425
  • Mix together
  1. 15 ounces of pumpkin purée
  2. 12 ounces of coconut cream
  3. 2 eggs
  4. 3 tablespoons of pumpkin pie spice
  5. 2 teaspoons of cinnamon
  6. 3/4 cup of coconut sugar
  • Bake at 425 for 15 minutes then turn oven down to 350 for 50 minutes
  • Let cool, put in fridge for 2 hours before eating.

 Before baking 
After baking

Ready to eat 😊👍🏼


My Crazy Awesome Family!

Hi there! I am Heather, and I am here to tell you that you are AMAZING! Us moms really have a hard role to fill, whether you work, stay home, have 1 or 5; it is all challenging in its own way. Balancing life with our littles, no matter the situation, is not an easy task. It can be exhausting being home, it can be exhausting working, and both have their pros and cons. It is hard having one child, adjusting to parenthood, and being your child’s main source of entertainment. It is challenging having multiple children and dividing your time, while coordinating everyone’s schedule. My point is, that no matter your situation, you are juggling a demanding yet rewarding position. You should feel accomplished and amazing!

I have not always felt this way. In fact, I have been through periods where I felt like I was failing miserably and felt bad about myself. Fitness and living healthy has brought me to this point! The stronger and healthier I have become, the more amazing and confident I feel 🙂 This has made me a better mother and wife. It is a great feeling to love yourself and feel good about the person you are.

I currently feel AMAZING, but I have not always been at this point. I have gotten here by setting goals and working hard until I reach them. I made a goal in May to work on upper body strength and really wanted to do a pull up. I am up to 6!!!!! SIX PEOPLE!!!! They are with a supine grip, but none-the-less 6 UNASSISTED pull-ups.

Now, you may be thinking… Well, she has probably been an athlete or something. THIS IS NOT TRUE. To be honest, I was anything but an all star anything! Growing up I dabbled in gymnastics, failed miserably at JV volleyball and tried out (but never made) the cheerleading squad. I use to feel embarrassed that I was never good at anything. I was never really associated with being great at anything athletic :/

In February 2010, I found out I was pregnant the same week I found out that I was accepted to graduate school at the University of Texas at Austin. I decided to move forward with grad school even with my little one on the way. I got busy with school, and not making the healthiest choices, I gained more than 60 lbs. I delivered an 8 plus pound post-term baby boy in October 2010. I was devastated to come home weighing 3 pounds more than when I went into L&D pregnant. I just assumed the weight would fall off after I delivered, but it did not.

First pregnancy - One of the only photos I allowed anyone to take past 30 weeks, because my swelling in my feet and face was so bad!
First pregnancy – One of the only photos I allowed anyone to take past 30 weeks, because my swelling in my feet and face was so bad!

Four weeks passed, and I had only dropped 10 pounds even with breastfeeding. The scale was not budging. I felt so lost! I feared that my new normal was 50 pounds heavier. I ate better, but it never crossed my mind to start working out. I carried on through graduate school, working, with a baby… It took 6 months for me to start losing more weight and 18 months before I was close to my pre pregnancy weight.

In May 2012, I decided I wanted to get in shape (especially before another pregnancy). I told my husband I wanted to join a gym, but he wanted to see some sort of commitment before signing up for a membership. So… I started at home with Jillian Michaels ripped in 30. I did the full 30 days and never cheated.

I started at a gym in June and decided I wanted to really challenge myself, so I signed up for a triathlon. Here is the kicker… I could not swim! I enrolled in swim lessons. I jumped in the pool for my first 1-on-1 lesson in July (my race was labor day weekend – only 2 months away). I could not even swim a pool length without stopping :/ So I kept at it. I trained and trained and swam until I could not swim anymore! Race day rolled around, and while thinking I could possibly drown, I completed my swim with the pack and ran on to complete the race with a smile on my face.

IMG_2238 IMG_2255 IMG_2298

I did a 13 mile Tough Mudder the following month with my husband and AWESOME sister-in-law, and a half marathon with my best friend the month after that! I pushed myself and started figuring out that I could accomplish these goals and in good times with a little strategy. IMG_0477IMG_0471

2 Hours & 3 Minutes :)
2 Hours & 3 Minutes 🙂

Hear that… STRATEGY! Small obtainable goals that progressed 🙂 Fast-forward a few months. My husband and I found out we were pregnant in January 2013, so I decided electrocuting myself with 50,000 volts and ice water enemas were not the smartest ideas and gave up the Mudders. LOL (Anyone who has participated in the Tough Mudder understands that).

Even with all the twins in the families - this was a HUGE shock!
Even with all the twins in the families – this was a HUGE shock!

A few weeks later we were told we were having twins! TWINS!!! My first thought was that I may gain 130 lbs!!! I decided that day that this pregnancy was going to be very different! I ate healthy and worked out religiously. I did not try to push but rather maintain my current fitness level. I weight lifted, ran and swam regularly. I carried those boys till my induction date. I swam 15 laps the afternoon before the twins were born. They were 5lbs 5oz and 6lbs 1oz. I gained my recommended 40 lbs and you could see every nook and cranny in my feet the day I delivered. The difference in my two pregnancies was UNBELIVEABLE.

Just before they broke my water with the twins...
Just before they broke my water with the twins…

I went back to work for a bit after the twins were born and it was incredibly tough trying to find that balance in life: family, work and fitness. It took a while to fall back into a groove. I had several months where I felt down and exhausted. I just did not feel good about myself. I dreaded the amount of work it was to go to the grocery store with my 3 babies. Even lifting the double BOB in and out of my car felt so annoying.

I really got back into weightlifting at the gym around my twin’s first birthday. Fast-forward a year – they just turned 2, and I feel so strong! I love the fit me! I have so much more energy, nothing seems like too much, and I feel like I can take on the world!

#becomfyinyourskin #heartyourmombod
#becomfyinyourskin #heartyourmombod
August 2015 ~ Punta Cana
August 2015 ~ Punta Cana

If I can set and accomplish these goals, anyone can accomplish their goals. Your goals may be very different than mine, but they can be accomplished. Never tell yourself you cannot do something, because you CAN! If you are a MOM, you can do anything!!!

#boymom - and yes my oldest has Frankenstein painted on his face!
#boymom – and yes my oldest has Frankenstein painted on his face!


Please let us know if you would like to guest write for a #MOMBOD Motivational Monday 🙂


My husband’s FAVORITE wifey gym fail~

So everyone has those gym fail stories… or at least that is what I tell myself to make my over abundance of gym fail stories not seem so bad 🙂 So, about a month ago I came down with this awful stomach bug; I will spare you all the horrific details, but the point to bringing up this key point is that I was already extremely nervous about going to the gym this particular day. My biggest fear was that I would embarrass myself to the point where I would have to relocate to another state 😉 LOL

With the exception of a very infrequent migraine, a good workout can make me feel better any day! I had already been out of town, while sick, for a week and really needed to get a good workout in. So, I packed up and headed to the gym (3 boys in tow). When we arrived the twins were napping (story of my life – refuse to sleep at home, fall asleep in car and scream bloody murder if woken). The problem is, my 4-year-old (now 5) is VERY inpatient. THE STRUGGLE!!! I typically spend these 30-45 minutes threatening an early bedtime for my oldest if he cannot refrain from throwing a fit about having to wait for the naps to end.

While my 4-year-old and I bickered back and forth about when we would go into the gym, I ate a premier protein bar; these bars are covered in chocolate. I must have dropped a big chunk of chocolate in between my legs. Well, it went unnoticed… Then moving around a lot trying to keep Bradyn quiet and still, because he likes to jump around the van like a spider monkey messing with everything he can get his hands on.

The twins woke and we headed into the gym, in my hot pink shorts. An hour and a half later we are leaving and loading up in the van. I see this chocolate smeared all over my front driver’s seat. I immediately started accusing the kids asking, “what in the world did you guys get all over my seat”?!?! I grabbed some wipes and walked around the front to clean up ANOTHER mess! As I was scrubbing down my seat it dawned on me that I ate that huge chocolate protein bar 2 hours earlier. My heart sank; I feared to look at my backside… Lo and behold I had chocolate smeared all over the back of my thighs, in between my legs and the lower inside part of my HOT PINK shorts (making it very noticeable)!!! It was only chocolate, but it looked so gross, and I am sure it did not go unnoticed at the gym. If I saw someone else like this, I would have avoided every machine they sat on like the plague.

Thankfully, my fear leaving for the gym that day did not happen; however, the fear still showed up on my shorts and legs in the form of chocolate! I thought to myself, “I have to change gyms”! I mean, SERIOUSLY, this was worse than falling off the stair stepper!!!


Work it Wednesday 10.13.15

Hey ladies,

So I was thinking about the best way to kick off these Work it Wednesday posts. I decided the best way is to write out goals. There is power in writing them down, especially in a group like #MOMBOD. When we write them and post them on the Facebook we will more likely achieve those goals. By simply posting them, we are more likely to be accountable to keep working towards our goals. Starting with small goals. And next week we will check in and see if you met your goals. So I would love everyone to head to our Facebook Click here! and participate! 

Our first work it Wednesday challenge is to make atleast one goal for this week. It can range from eating goals, to exercise goals, or both.

Challenge yourself but make a goal you can achieve. Once we start achieving small weekly goals we will have more confidence and self control to stick to our big goals. With eating and fitness goals it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lost when we only have big goals to meet like “lose 25 pounds.” It’s a great goal but you will be more successful if you have little goals that you can achieve along the way.

I have two goals for this week:

1) My husband recently surprised me with a heart rate monitor which counts the calories you burn as you excercise so my goal for this week is to burn 500 calories a day. I have already done this the last two days by doing a 30 minute at home workout and going for a 2 mile run/walk. 

2) Every time I want a snack I’m going to eat veggies. It’s hard to over eat veggies. This one will be tough because I’m a snacker. 

Can’t wait to see your goals. Also by seeing what your goals are, we can tailor make these work it Wednesday challenges to help y’all meet your goals. 



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