Hey y’all,

We are so excited that y’all have jumped on in and are interested in #MOMBOD. Thank you so much for the love, support, and excitement! We just wanted to give you a little teaser heads up about what to expect to see weekly from Heather and myself here at #MOMBOD. As we start out this journey we thought it would be fun to post on a variety of different topics related to healthy motherhood and then with y’all’s feedback we can tailor our posts to what y’all like the most. Anyways here’s what a typical week will look like.

MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY: Every Monday we will be posting a story of a Momma and her journey and experience with health and fitness in motherhood. We will start these posts off with our own stories and then feature a new mom every week. (If you are interested in writing your own story to be published on #MOMBOD please message us and let us know Message us here!)

TASTY TUESDAY: We will be sharing either a recipe, snack ideas, eating plans, anything involving something tasty.

WORK IT WEDNESDAY: These posts will be my personal favorite. They will be our challenges that y’all can participate in on Facebook. ( Here’s our Facebook ) It can range from clean eating challenges, to workout challenges, and much more.

Friday Favorites: As y’all have seen from Heather’s awesome post on Friday, Friday favorites will be posts about our favorite things that make motherhood, and being healthy, easier and more fun!

Again we are so excited your here. Being a healthy mom is a tough job and the best way to do it is to have a community of other moms around you cheering you on, supporting you during the rough days and inspiring you to be the best you can be. Here at #MOMBOD we hope we can do that.

Please feel free to message us with any topics you would like us to cover and we will do our bests to write about it.