My husband’s FAVORITE wifey gym fail~

So everyone has those gym fail stories… or at least that is what I tell myself to make my over abundance of gym fail stories not seem so bad 🙂 So, about a month ago I came down with this awful stomach bug; I will spare you all the horrific details, but the point to bringing up this key point is that I was already extremely nervous about going to the gym this particular day. My biggest fear was that I would embarrass myself to the point where I would have to relocate to another state 😉 LOL

With the exception of a very infrequent migraine, a good workout can make me feel better any day! I had already been out of town, while sick, for a week and really needed to get a good workout in. So, I packed up and headed to the gym (3 boys in tow). When we arrived the twins were napping (story of my life – refuse to sleep at home, fall asleep in car and scream bloody murder if woken). The problem is, my 4-year-old (now 5) is VERY inpatient. THE STRUGGLE!!! I typically spend these 30-45 minutes threatening an early bedtime for my oldest if he cannot refrain from throwing a fit about having to wait for the naps to end.

While my 4-year-old and I bickered back and forth about when we would go into the gym, I ate a premier protein bar; these bars are covered in chocolate. I must have dropped a big chunk of chocolate in between my legs. Well, it went unnoticed… Then moving around a lot trying to keep Bradyn quiet and still, because he likes to jump around the van like a spider monkey messing with everything he can get his hands on.

The twins woke and we headed into the gym, in my hot pink shorts. An hour and a half later we are leaving and loading up in the van. I see this chocolate smeared all over my front driver’s seat. I immediately started accusing the kids asking, “what in the world did you guys get all over my seat”?!?! I grabbed some wipes and walked around the front to clean up ANOTHER mess! As I was scrubbing down my seat it dawned on me that I ate that huge chocolate protein bar 2 hours earlier. My heart sank; I feared to look at my backside… Lo and behold I had chocolate smeared all over the back of my thighs, in between my legs and the lower inside part of my HOT PINK shorts (making it very noticeable)!!! It was only chocolate, but it looked so gross, and I am sure it did not go unnoticed at the gym. If I saw someone else like this, I would have avoided every machine they sat on like the plague.

Thankfully, my fear leaving for the gym that day did not happen; however, the fear still showed up on my shorts and legs in the form of chocolate! I thought to myself, “I have to change gyms”! I mean, SERIOUSLY, this was worse than falling off the stair stepper!!!