Today I would like to share my favorite stretch! A lot of you will already know this but for those of you who don’t, you will want to give me a giant hug for telling you about this amazing little stretch! After my first son was born I had AWFUL neck and shoulder pain. I just assumed it was from breastfeeding all the time, the weight of these milk filled breasts and my poor posture while feeding. Some Mom’s rock the breastfeeding posture, but I did not; I was slumped over with my shoulders forward.

I then started running a lot while I was training for a triathlon. I noticed my hands would tingle, almost like they were falling asleep. It was so annoying, and I probably looked like a goof running with my hands in the air.

I was becoming really uncomfortable, so I went to a sports massage therapist who informed me that my pectoralis major was so tight that it was pulling my shoulders forward. Between the breastfeeding, poor posture, numb fingers while running, weird nerve sensations in my hands and wrists and my constant neck and shoulder pain, I was at wits end. I thought this is just what I was going to feel like as a new Mother. I saw a chiropractor as well, but I did not get a whole lot of relief.

The massage therapist shared this incredibly simple stretch to do daily, and I was CURED! I kid you not, after a week of doing this twice a day I was neck and shoulder pain free. My posture gradually improved and running became more enjoyable without the constant tingling and stabbing sensations in my hands.


It had such an impact on the way I felt that I continue to do this stretch almost daily 3 years later. I also do it before and after every workout.

My AMAZING Pec Stretch J I hold each side for 30 – 45 seconds. Give it a try!