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FIT MOMIf you would have asked me my WHY I want to be FIT 2 years ago it would have been a very typical fitness professional WHY. Something like… “I exhibit a passion for sports, fitness, and competition. I thrive on learning how the body works and using that knowledge to help others achieve their goals and live an active and healthy lifestyle. I was a college athlete. I received a masters in exercise phys. Ive worked as a personal trainer and group fit instructor for over 8 years. I LIVE, BREATH, LOVE fitness and want to share that with the world.” (hum.. this is actually taken from one of my personal training bio’s a few years back- ha!)

Fast fwd to NOW. Now I have a new journey and its changed my WHY up ( in 2 ways)

 First WHY-Now I’m a MOTHER! I became a mom on May 27, 2014. I delivered a precious 9.11 lb baby boy Kasen. He is absolutely the most perfect thing Ive ever created. Although I could not be more in love with him…I quickly fell out of love with my former “fit” body. I got lazy being a mom and forgot what it was like to put some focus on myself. I forgot my previous WHY!

 I decided enough was enough…no more mommy excuses! No more binge watching Netflix or baby Einstein and eating my post partum way through oreos (which happen to be the devil when breastfeeding cravings strike!)

When released to exercise I started doing BEACHBODY workouts! Im still working on my transformation story… Im doing a mix of Insanity Max 30 and 21 day fix exercises and Ive changed my nutrition to align with Beach Body’s recommendations. Focusing mainly on portion control and quality whole foods. GUESS WHAT- ITS WORKING!! I was thrilled that I felt ALIVE again. I loved that I was doing something good for myself again. And nothing is better than working out while my little man watches… soaks it all in… (hopefully) will understand one day that I choose to be FIT and HEALTHY for HIM! I have so many new mommy friends that felt the same way- I just had to spread this incredible feeling with them! That’s 1 reason I became a coach and continue to get daily, quick exercises in!

Being healthy and fit is what keeps me going. Not only do I want to set a good example of a happy, healthy and fulfilled life for my little one but also for MYSELF and OTHERS. Clean eating, Shakeology, home fitness programs and running have helped me to stay healthy and fit throughout my pregnancy and get my body back. I want to share the amazing benefits I’ve experienced with others.