My favorite breakfast. Balanced, healthy, dairy free, gluten free (optional). I don’t know if there is a name for this breakfast but I like to refer to it as “the most delicious thing to eat when you wake up.” 

Start with toast. Since I’m gluten intolerant I am using some amazing gluten free bread I got from a local bakery.  

 While toasting the bread throw 2 pieces of turkey bacon in the microwave, and start frying your egg with a little coconut oil. And grab an avocado.  
 I am an avocado lover. I’m pretty much addicted. The healthy fats are so important to your diet. Anyways I slather the toast with half an avocado.  

Next layer that turkey bacon on top of the avocado. This was the girls favorite part.  

 I use some pink salt and pepper on my fried egg.  


And then top off the toast with your fried egg. Super delicious and totally nutritious and quick and easy. 

 What’s your favorite healthy breakfast??