Hello Moms, moms to be, and Moms patiently waiting to start their Mom Journey. My Name is Samantha and I am a proud mom of a 9yr old!!! That’s right ladies. You think it’s hard to stay on track when their little it doesn’t stop when they get older. I started my mom journey when I was very young at the age of 19. All I was told was how expensive this baby that was coming was going to be. No one warned me that I would have these huge emotional swings and struggle with depression. I was told how glorious and beautiful pregnancy was and seemed like everyone I came across made it sound magical and effortless. My experience couldn’t have been more opposite. I had a love/hate relationship with being pregnant. But was ashamed to admit it. I loved feeling him kick and grow but hated the changes my body went through. No one tells you that you going to be hot all the time, you hips and back will hurt, you have uncontrollable gas, you are tired, you can pee you pants at any time and your boobs become a whole other person. Haha. I was so young I didn’t even know my body let alone get to enjoy my body when it was in its prime. I was a athlete in love with any and all sports. I loved being active and loved competition. Starting off at the amazing weight of 115 I thought I wouldn’t change too much WOW was I wrong. I had no idea that my choices to eat and do whatever would effect me the rest of my life with my body image and insecurities. I gained a whopping 80lbs when I went into deliver. I had access amniotic fluid, kept going into preterm labor and was 2 weeks over my due date! I gave birth to a beautiful 8lb 11oz and 23in long healthy boy named Hayden Everett Ungs. My world has been forever changed. Balancing being a young mother, working to stay afloat, becoming an adult and all the other things we had to deal with, fitness was at the bottom of my list. I found ways to fit it in though. I took my son with me everywhere. Walks, runs, hikes, malls, and even the gym at times. But with determination I was able to lose the weight but could only get down to 145. I was left with stretch marks and some lose skin around my midsection. I still had huge insecurities with how I looked. I felt flawed and compared myself to all the girls my age who still had those great high school bodies. I struggled daily. But slowly my body came back and most of all my mind and how I looked at myself changed. Fast forward to today. I am 28 years old, run my own business doing hair and have my own house and many other accomplishments. My fitness journey seems to be a struggle still just different problems or just life in general. I have found what works best for me and doing what I enjoy is key. I love weights and outdoor activities. I would have to say it wasn’t until these last couple years that I have finally figured out that someone is always going to be prettier, smarter, more fit, have more money, have a smaller waist or have what seems to be a perfect life. But that doesn’t make my accomplishments any less, or my beauty any less, or my body worse. It makes me who God intended me to be! How amazing to accept yourself where you are and to be able to look at yourself and think positive thoughts. I used to think when Hayden gets bigger it will get easier or when I make more money it will be easier. Truth is it never changes! Things come up all the time and you stay just as busy just with other things. So keep making those small changes and include your kids in your fitness. My son loves to be outside with me and he loves to be active. They watch and take on your daily habits. I’m still on my fitness journey and believe I will be until the day I die! But what makes it amazing is sharing it with all you ladies and hearing new ideas and getting support!

Blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what had been spoken to her by the Lord. Luke 1:45