Can you all believe there are only 10 days left to 2015!?!?!?!!? I CANNOT! In fact, this last month has been insanely busy with traveling, parties, family, work, sickness through our home and of course my household can never finish a year without a decent injury :/

Anyway, I know Christmas is 4 days away so do not start anything crazy today (unless you are like me) LOL. Be thinking about what you want for yourself in 2016.

Is your goal to lose weight, to gain muscle, to sleep better, to improve energy, to boost libido, to feel better in general?!? All of these things are outcomes of diet and exercise, choosing to live Healthy!

I want to share something I accomplished this week. The back story is what makes this so neat and should motivate anyone to believe they can do their impossible! I set myself a goal of 10 pull-ups/chin-ups in 1 year on May 12th, 2015. By the way, please do not set crazy goals like I did. When you fail, it breaks confidence. So, I did what no one should ever do 😉

A better goal would be like 1 in 1 year, NOT 10. hahah… This seemed absolutely without a doubt impossible for me. I had never been able to do one, even when I was younger and I could only pull my body weight about an inch north in May.

With a goal in mind and focusing my training around that goal, I DID it Wednesday 12/16/15 (ALMOST 5 MONTHS AHEAD OF SCHEDULE). Talk about an energy explosion. The possibilities now seem endless. I broke through all the excuses! I PUSHED! I PUSHED harder and I PUSHED some more. AND… when I felt like there was NOTHING left to GIVE I GAVE MORE!!!!

This was my goal! What is yours? Whatever your goal is, we believe in you and will help push you along and stay focused!


Heather Mast, MSN, APRN-BC


PS. I am unable to upload the video here so I will link it to Facebook 🙂