What comes to mind when you hear the word MOMBOD?

Do you think of the blog that went viral last year about how the DADBOD is the new hot thing for men?

Does MOMBOD make you think of a beautiful pregnant woman?

Do you think of your freshly post pregnant body that was all squishy and exhausted?

Whatever comes to mind when you hear the word MOMBOD throw it out the window. Let me explain why.

  • We want you to love your MOMBOD.
  • We want to empower you to strengthen your MOMBOD.
  • We want to encourage you to make your MOMBOD the healthiest it can be.


MOMBOD = Motherhood is beautiful in any shape or size, but strength brings confidence and health brings happiness. We don’t need to look like 19 year old fitness models who haven’t had kids. We are stronger, we created miracles.


Here at hashtag MOMBOD we fully believe that it is not vain for us to pour into our health and fitness, because when we do will be better moms, better wives, and better friends. We will have more energy and more confidence.


What will you find here at hashtag MOMBOD?

  • We want to create a community of moms supporting moms as they reach their health and fitness goals.
  • Exercise ideas, challenges,and plans.
  • Encouragement and empowerment while trying to balance motherhood and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Real life moms bringing real life motivation, inspiration, and even struggles in their motherhood fitness journey.
  • Healthy eating tips, diet challenges, and recipes.
  • Moms helping each other on their journey to health. No quick fixes, no crazy products. Good ole fashioned diet and exercise.

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We are so excited you are here! We truly have a passion for helping moms to be the healthiest they can be so that they can be empowered and love their MOMBOD.

Please check out the ABOUT ME section of our website to learn a little about Heather and Erin the cofounders of hashtag MOMBOD