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Motivation Monday- Whitney Garay 

Happy Monday Mommas! Today is our first guest writer for MOTIVATON MONDAY!  We are so thankful to Whitney for her honesty and sharing her journey! Just wanted to remind you that if you want to write a post feel free to message us on Facebook HERE We want to share different stories to help motivate Mommas of all types and goals. We hope that you all enjoy hearing from a variety of guest writers each week. They will all share their stories, why health is important to them and how they benefit from living a healthy lifestyle 🙂 We do not endorse or profit from any product or programs that our guest writers may have used along their journeys. If anything is mentioned it is for informational purposes only as they share their stories 🙂 If you would like anymore info about anything listed in these posts feel free to ask us HERE


FIT MOMIf you would have asked me my WHY I want to be FIT 2 years ago it would have been a very typical fitness professional WHY. Something like… “I exhibit a passion for sports, fitness, and competition. I thrive on learning how the body works and using that knowledge to help others achieve their goals and live an active and healthy lifestyle. I was a college athlete. I received a masters in exercise phys. Ive worked as a personal trainer and group fit instructor for over 8 years. I LIVE, BREATH, LOVE fitness and want to share that with the world.” (hum.. this is actually taken from one of my personal training bio’s a few years back- ha!)

Fast fwd to NOW. Now I have a new journey and its changed my WHY up ( in 2 ways)

 First WHY-Now I’m a MOTHER! I became a mom on May 27, 2014. I delivered a precious 9.11 lb baby boy Kasen. He is absolutely the most perfect thing Ive ever created. Although I could not be more in love with him…I quickly fell out of love with my former “fit” body. I got lazy being a mom and forgot what it was like to put some focus on myself. I forgot my previous WHY!

 I decided enough was enough…no more mommy excuses! No more binge watching Netflix or baby Einstein and eating my post partum way through oreos (which happen to be the devil when breastfeeding cravings strike!)

When released to exercise I started doing BEACHBODY workouts! Im still working on my transformation story… Im doing a mix of Insanity Max 30 and 21 day fix exercises and Ive changed my nutrition to align with Beach Body’s recommendations. Focusing mainly on portion control and quality whole foods. GUESS WHAT- ITS WORKING!! I was thrilled that I felt ALIVE again. I loved that I was doing something good for myself again. And nothing is better than working out while my little man watches… soaks it all in… (hopefully) will understand one day that I choose to be FIT and HEALTHY for HIM! I have so many new mommy friends that felt the same way- I just had to spread this incredible feeling with them! That’s 1 reason I became a coach and continue to get daily, quick exercises in!

Being healthy and fit is what keeps me going. Not only do I want to set a good example of a happy, healthy and fulfilled life for my little one but also for MYSELF and OTHERS. Clean eating, Shakeology, home fitness programs and running have helped me to stay healthy and fit throughout my pregnancy and get my body back. I want to share the amazing benefits I’ve experienced with others. 



MOTIVATION MONDAY- #MOMBOD Co-founder Erin Kellogg

Hi y’all,

My name is Erin Kellogg. If I were to try and define myself in one sentence it would be…

Saved by grace, wife to Taylor, momma to identical twin girls Abbey Lynn and Harper Grace, chocolate lover, fitness instructor, and major goofball.

(Photo taken by Jamie Moore Photography)

 First of all let me tell you I’m so glad you’re here. No matter where you are on your journey in motherhood and fitness, I think we can all support and learn from each other. Let me also say that I by no means want to come across as an expert, or as if I have all things motherhood and fitness related completely figured out because I most definitely do not. Here’s a little bit about me and my motherhood fitness journey.

Pre-MOMBOD  (our honeymoon in Hawaii)

 From the time I was little I was very active. I loved playing outside and could usually be found playing football with the boys. I was always involved in sports. I played soccer from the time I was 5 until I was 22. In high school I played soccer and was a cheerleader, some nights I literally would run from my soccer games to go cheer at the basketball games. My teammates would always make fun of me because I smelled like sweaty shin guards.  After graduating college I became an art and PE teacher and coach. I loved it because I was able to stay active while coaching. My husband and I lived in California before moving to Texas in 2013. We were both working and going to school but in our free time we were always outside. Our favorite things to do we’re hiking and mountain biking.  

 (My favorite hike, Potato Chip Rock in San Diego) 

 Anyways, all of this is to say that before becoming a momma I was very active, fit, and healthy.

  When I found out I was pregnant with identical twins I knew my life was going to change in many ways. I was considered a high risk pregnancy and had to be very careful with exercise. This was a huge challenge for me because I am someone who uses exercise as therapy. If I’m having a bad day I go for a run listening to my worship music and I am totally refreshed and feel great. However, I was willing to do whatever it took to keep those sweet babies in my belly and healthy as long as possible.  

 I gained 65 pounds during my pregnancy. That was more than half of my pre-pregnancy weight. As shallow as it sounds that was terrifying for me, I not only had a giant belly but I also had a swollen face, and carried a lot of my weight in my arms and legs. My husband and I went to the beach with my family when I was 20 weeks and my brother ran into his friend (who didn’t know me) and said to my brother “holy cow that lady looks like shes about to pop.” I got big and I got big very fast. My sister has 4 children and seems to always drop the weight incredibly fast. She has no stretch marks, and she can rock a bikini and look like she’s never had kids. So naturally I expected the same to happen for me. That was not the case. I had heard people say “if you nurse the weight will naturally just fall off” or “it took nine months to gain the weight give yourself nine months for it to come off.” Neither of which happened for me.

Of course I wanted to lose the weight, but more importantly I wanted to feel like myself again. Like I said I was very active and also very energetic. People may even say annoyingly energetic. I have always had a passion for fitness and yet after giving birth to the girls I felt so lost. I had to figure out how to take that passion for fitness and being healthy and how to apply it to my crazy new life. That first year with the twins was a doosy. There were days, weeks, months where I felt like I was just trying to stay above water. Between, nursing, trying to get them on a schedule, sleepless nights, no energy, I couldn’t understand how I was going to ever get back to feeling like myself. I became a mom, but that is not my only identity. And I truly believe that when I found a balance between healthy eating and consistent exercise, I became a better mom. Taking the time to do something I love, something that gives me energy and relieves stress, allows me to be a better mom. I have more patience and more energy to keep up with my crazy toddlers (who are currently in a phase of taking of their clothes and diapers and running around yelling “naken booty.”) It has been a process that has taken over a year and a half, but I can tell you that I now feel like I have found a balance between being a wife, mom, friend, sister, daughter, and someone who is passionate about health and fitness.  For me it’s clean eating with a little bit of sweets and wine thrown in every once in a while. And it’s a mix of working out at home (because sometimes that’s easier than hauling them to the gym), running pushing the double stroller, ( because sometimes I just need to be outside), and going to the gym (because let’s be honest sometimes I need a break from mommy duty). All of our journeys are going to look a little different. Find recipes you love, and workouts you love because if you love what you are doing it’s going to make the journey much easier. 

 (Photo taken today 10.12.15)

There is no job I can think of that could be more fulfilling than being a momma. I love these sweet angels, they bring me more joy, and entertainment then I ever thought possible.  They are one of the main motivators for being the healthiest version of myself. I feel that when I am eating healthy and exercising consistently, I can be the mom and wife that I feel God is calling me to be: full of joy, energy and love. 

 My hope for you is not just for you to lose the weight. I want you to feel like YOU again. I want you to love your MOMBOD. I want you to be happy, healthy, confident and rock that MOMBOD. My prayer is that through #MOMBOD you will feel encouraged, inspired, and challenged to become the healthiest version of yourself.



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