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WORK IT WEDNESDAY – 2 week squat challenge

WORK IT WEDNESDAY. Here’s our first 2 week challenge. We’re starting it off with a squat challenge!! WHO IS UP FOR THE CHALLENGE?? Tag a friend on Facebook who you want to join you in the #MOMBOD 2 week squat challenge. 


Work it Wednesday 10.13.15

Hey ladies,

So I was thinking about the best way to kick off these Work it Wednesday posts. I decided the best way is to write out goals. There is power in writing them down, especially in a group like #MOMBOD. When we write them and post them on the Facebook we will more likely achieve those goals. By simply posting them, we are more likely to be accountable to keep working towards our goals. Starting with small goals. And next week we will check in and see if you met your goals. So I would love everyone to head to our Facebook Click here! and participate! 

Our first work it Wednesday challenge is to make atleast one goal for this week. It can range from eating goals, to exercise goals, or both.

Challenge yourself but make a goal you can achieve. Once we start achieving small weekly goals we will have more confidence and self control to stick to our big goals. With eating and fitness goals it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lost when we only have big goals to meet like “lose 25 pounds.” It’s a great goal but you will be more successful if you have little goals that you can achieve along the way.

I have two goals for this week:

1) My husband recently surprised me with a heart rate monitor which counts the calories you burn as you excercise so my goal for this week is to burn 500 calories a day. I have already done this the last two days by doing a 30 minute at home workout and going for a 2 mile run/walk. 

2) Every time I want a snack I’m going to eat veggies. It’s hard to over eat veggies. This one will be tough because I’m a snacker. 

Can’t wait to see your goals. Also by seeing what your goals are, we can tailor make these work it Wednesday challenges to help y’all meet your goals. 



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